May 26, 2018

6-week support group for community members affected by violence

As community violence continues to wreak havoc in our neighborhoods, often the focus is on the victims – which are mainly males. However, for every shooting victim, there are multiple women who take on the burden and stress of caregiving. This occurs whether or not they are connected to the victim or shooter. From the hospital to the home, male survivors of violence are not victimized in isolation as they are often connected to women who function as their mainstay support.

These women experience their own trauma and reactions related to the violent injury of their male relatives, friends, and partners. This group acknowledges the tremendous traumatic burden this brings into the lives of black women who are often already taxed with other life stressors, including their own traumas.

The phenomenon of caregiver stress is well documented in the literature and Urban Grief is on a mission to bring this knowledge to the forefront of caring for victims of violence. Refreshments will be served; registration encouraged.

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Our Instructors

Lisa Good is the founder and coordinator of the community based project called Urban Grief which works to increase awareness about trauma, and grief/loss, associated with violence exposure.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Skidmore College, and a Master of Social Work degree from State University of New York: University at Albany, and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in the School of Social Welfare. She is the former director of SNUG (GUNS) and the Homer Perkins Center (long-term adult residential drug treatment) and has over 20 years of experience as an addiction professional and numerous years of volunteer experience as a HIV educator, Crime Victims/Sexual Assault crisis counselor and community activist.

Lisa is active in the fight to eradicate violence, increase awareness about the traumatic impact resulting from exposure to violence and break down the walls of isolation and fear by connecting community members with each other as resources and mutual support.

Urban Grief is a community-based organization that educates about the effects of violence and supports those affected through crisis/bereavement support, breaking down the walls of isolation by connecting community members and caregivers with each other as resources and mutual support.

Urban Grief responds in the aftermath of community violence.


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