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Urban Grief responds in the aftermath of community violence. The traumatic impact of violence reverberates throughout the community and within families long after the initial incident. Victims of violence often have many needs associated with community violence, which are not covered by traditional crime victim compensation programs. Many people struggle to survive after violent victimization!

Below are just a few of the needs that may arise after violence:

- Funeral assistance
- Transportation
- Childcare
- Recreation
- Shelter

Urban Grief is on the frontline meeting these needs!!

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Urban Grief is currently seeking donations to support our work with young survivors. Your $19 donation will raise funds to support our organization and provide youth survivors of violence with Uggy Bear, the official U.G.S. (Urban Grief Survivor) teddy bear.

Each Uggy Bear will be given to youth directly impacted by community violence!

Urban Grief is a community-based organization that educates about the effects of violence and supports those affected through crisis/bereavement support, breaking down the walls of isolation by connecting community members and caregivers with each other as resources and mutual support.

Urban Grief responds in the aftermath of community violence.


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